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Texarkana's Full Pavement Marking Specialist

Maintenance, Repair, & New Construction


Maintaining the fire lanes, re-striping the parking stalls, and making sure each parking lot is ADA compliant is just a fraction of what we do. We offer full maintenance for any existing or new parking lots, roads, or highways.

Kiteco Property Solutions is Texarkana's premier striping company. Our services provide professionally striped projects which promotes safety and convenience with clear lines and delineation. We maintain the best staff to complete any project, big or small with maximum efficiency. To see our portfolio or get a free quote, visit our Contact Page.

  • Road/Parking Lot Striping

  • Warehouse Striping

  • Glass Beads Striping

  • Thermoplastic Striping

  • Custom Signage

  • Custom Stenciling

  • Installing Culverts/SET

  • ​Caulking / Sealant

  • Shot Blasting

  • Striping Removal

  • Wheel Stops

  • Bollards Installation

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